Love your skin.


In ancient times the use of oils to cleanse and nourish the skin was a common practice. Skin naturally produces oil (sebum) to keeps itself nourished, healthy and balanced. Today much of the skincare industry lead us to believe that cleansers and soaps (most of which contain harsh and stripping ingredients) are the answer to effectively "clean" your skin, toners to balance the pH and heavy creams to add moisture. What if there was something so much more pure and simple? A skincare ritual that bring us back to the ancient practice of truly nourishing our skin and has the power (and ingredients) to balance and heal your skin....naturally? There is. Oil Cleansing.

In all of my years as a skincare professional, I have searched for a regimen that I both believed in and was result driven. I truly believe that healthy, happy skin can be achieved when we give our bodies the right tools and balance, both internally and externally.  CRUDE Personal Care has developed and perfected the oil-cleansing method. I have personally never been so impressed with a cleansing ritual for my skin.

CRUDE's Everything Oil is a combination of five PURE ingredients. The amazing aroma of this blend will lure your senses into a ritualistic dream. I believe that cleansing your face should be a ritual, it should be something that you look forward to doing each day and is rejuvenating and reviving for both your skin and soul. Our skin requires a mildly acidic environment to thrive- this keeps the delicate skin microbiome in balance. The Everything Oil is a perfected (mildly acidic) blend of skin loving ingredients that do not strip the skin of it's natural lipid barrier.

The right combinations of oils have to ability to mimic the skins natural sebum keeping it nourished, balanced and healthy. CRUDE's Everything Oil contains these 5 (and only 5) key ingredients:

1. Sunflower Oil: This mildly acidic oil is packed with vitamin E which acts as an emollient- keeping moisture inside the skin cells. Not only is this oil highly moisturizing, it also a anti-inflammatory and can aid in protecting skin from future environmental damage.

2. Safflower Oil: High in linoleic acid, Safflower Oil is a botanical alternative to synthetic emollients. It contains properties that aid the skin in retaining moisture and prevents dryness and can effectively remove dirt and oils.

3. Grapefruit Essential Oil: Grapefruit oil is energizing and purifying. It is also contains antioxidant, antiseptic, and anti- aging properties.

4. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: This oil has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia. Ylang ylang possesses antibacterial properties which is helpful in the treatment of acne. 

5. Bergamot Essential Oil: Bergamot is a natural cleanser in skincare formulations and aids in removing dirt and impurities, it also is effective in balancing oily skin.

This powerful botanical blend of ingredients is transformative. Until I began using CRUDE's Everything Oil- NOTHING that I tried would help my hormonal breakouts. I noticed a difference in the way my skin felt immediately after using CRUDE's system and within a couple of weeks my greatly inflamed breakouts had subsided. This simple skincare ritual has the power to truly bring balance the skin's delicate microbiome.

Nature has provided us with pure and true healing ingredients. CRUDE's cleansing ritual is proof that purity is power, and that when given the power our skin can heal itself. 

See some amazing, transformative results here.

Be well.